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Buy right, buy once, buy FŌHSE

🎥: @Japs.jayme | @keenish | @lindarosephotos

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It's almost here!⁠

The Pisces is a FOHSE fixture re-imagined for the home grower, designed to bring the industry-leading power and efficiency you've come to expect from us⁠

Stay tuned for the 4/20 pre-sale

📸: @keenish

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The FŌHSE team had an incredible time at @spannabisbcn 🌍⁠

🎥: @keenish

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Tomato production has never been better at @greenlifeproducenv 🍅⁠

Over the winter, crop production doubled in this greenhouse 🚀⁠

💡: 320W Pleiades

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Leave your inefficient grow lights in the past!⁠

The 320W Pleiades is a highly efficient greenhouse fixture, boasting a 2.8 PPE 🚀

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Grow lights can be a hassle to install⁠

The Cobra series weighs 22-30 pounds, depending on the model, making for an easy installation in your greenhouse

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@megatron & @robsims67 have been extremely intentional forming @primitiv_group’s line of products⁠

Similarly, when FŌHSE developed the A3I, it took two years and many iterations to find the first generation⁠

Check out more by heading to our YouTube and watching the full episode, “ Cannabis is Primitiv “ now! 🚀

🎥: @japs.jayme | @keenish | @lindarosephotos

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The propagation house at @greenlifeproducenv is thriving under the 320W Pleiades! ...

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Lensing 🔬

Our polycarbonate lensing technology directs photons deep into your canopy, providing higher light levels to your lower flower sites

This generally translates to greater flower yield and quality

💡: 1500W A3I
👨🏻‍🌾: @impressedma

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The O6I is a FOHSE fixture built to handle the extreme conditions in a greenhouse⁠

Its IP65 certification ensures that its dust tight and protected from direct contact with water jets⁠

With an L90 certification at 55,000 hours, this fixture will be with you for the long haul

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NECANN Boston was a blast!⁠

Thank you to @necannevents for making it possible and for all who stopped by the booth⁠

We look forward to next year 🚀

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