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What is VPD, and What Does it Influence? 🤔

The latest FŌHSE blog dives deep into Vapor Pressure Deficit and why it’s important for optimal crop production

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"⁠Homogeneity is key."⁠

A consistent cannabis crop results from homogeneity in the delivery of fertigation, light intensity, and many other growing inputs. Without this balance, your harvest will significantly suffer. ⁠

Full episode coming soon to our YouTube channel 🚀⁠

🎥: @japs.jayme

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"High yields with great quality across the board"⁠

💡: 1000W F1V ⁠
👨🏻‍🌾: @mamajscannabis⁠
📸: @keenish

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Light saturation, also known as light saturation point or maximum light intensity, refers to the level of light intensity at which a plant`s photosynthetic rate reaches its total capacity. ⁠

In this Welcome to the Future episode, the FOHSE horticulture team welcomed Kevin Biernacki of @montel_growmore to the studio. We get to talk light saturation, the nuances of vertical racking systems in cannabis cultivation facilities, and much more!⁠

Stay tuned for the entire episode coming soon to our YouTube channel 🚀⁠

🗣: Kevin Biernacki | Mike Howard | Jeremy Youness⁠
🎥: @japs.jayme

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This #StrainSaturday highlights a #FohseGrown variety called Roll-Ups⁠

This cultivar was bred by @exoticgenetix_mike by crossing Gushers and Red Pop⁠

💡: F1V⁠
👨🏻‍🌾: @remedycultivation⁠
🪴: Roll-Ups⁠
📸: @keenish

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Excessive heat can damage cannabis plants and lead to poor-quality yields ⁠

LEDs help maintain ideal temperatures in the growing area, minimizing the risk of heat stress and allowing for better control over the cultivation environment 🚀⁠

💡: F1V⁠
👨🏻‍🌾: @Tom_rootz

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Experience optimized plant development with the F1V!⁠

Its advanced lensing technology ensures consistent and uniform photon distribution, promoting healthy plant growth and higher quality flowers throughout each batch.⁠

💡: F1V⁠
👨🏻‍🌾: @claybournefarms | @claybourneco⁠
📸: @keenish

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East Virginia Growers!⁠

700 and 900-watt Pisces models are now available at Hydrokulture 🚀

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Cannabis research is ever-changing! ⁠

With the continued onset of cannabis legalization worldwide, researchers like Youbin Zheng are able to dive further into the nuances of cannabis horticulture⁠

Check out the full episode premiering soon on our YouTube channel 🚀⁠

🗣: Youbin Zheng | Ben Arnet | Alex Gerard | Michael Howard⁠
🎥: @japs.jayme

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#Repost @berner415 Fohse Grown Aries 640W Pheno Hunt💡🔥
Pheno hunts are finally going down at our Humboldt facility. I’m gonna have hella jars of new new consistently moving forward …. I can’t fucking wait !
#fohse #fohseinc #cookies #horticulture #horticulturist #ledlighting #ledlights #Aries

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Your vertical rack system will be sitting pretty with the FOHSE F1V series⁠

This fixture series was designed to operate in close proximity to your canopy 🚀⁠

💡: F1V Series⁠
👨🏻‍🌾: @lifted_labs | @valley_pure_farms

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High Grow Hydro is now an official Pisces 7 and 9 retailer 🚀

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On this Memorial Day, we express our deepest gratitude for those who gave their lives for this country. Let`s come together as a nation to remember their sacrifice and cherish the values they fought to protect 🇺🇸 ...

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Grower`s Paradise is now an authorized dealer of the 700-watt and 900-watt Pisces 🚀 ...

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