FOHSE Inc. and Terp Mansion: Illuminating Solutions for Cultivation Challenges

FOHSE Inc. and Terp Mansion: Illuminating Solutions for Cultivation Challenges

In the intricate world of cannabis cultivation, overcoming challenges is essential for success. Terp Mansion, a respected name in Humboldt’s cannabis scene, faced a common dilemma: optimizing yields while minimizing costs and environmental impact. Enter FOHSE Inc., a trailblazer in LED lighting solutions, offering more than just illumination—solutions to cultivation hurdles.

Luke Sanders, the forward-thinking founder of Terp Mansion, recognized the need for a game-changing solution. Transitioning from traditional HPS lights to FOHSE’s cutting-edge LED fixtures presented an opportunity to address their cultivation challenges head-on.

“We made the switch from HPS lights over to LEDs, and we are witnessing significant changes in how our plants respond,” Sanders attests, highlighting the transformative impact of FOHSE’s technology.

At the heart of this collaboration lie FOHSE’s premier products: the A3i 1500W indoor high bay full spectrum fixture and the O61 1200W greenhouse fixture. These fixtures aren’t just lights; but solutions to the dilemmas Terp Mansion faced.

Sanders elaborates on the tangible benefits, noting a substantial yield increase under FOHSE’s lighting. Under HPS “we usually pull around 90-100 lbs,” he explains. But under the A3i 1500W “including smalls, we got like 120lbs. What is that, I believe a 20-30% increase. That will pay for the lights in about two runs.”

FOHSE’s LED lighting solutions offer more than just increased yields—they provide a pathway to sustainability and profitability for cultivators like Luke Sanders. By addressing the challenges inherent in cultivation, FOHSE empowers growers to thrive in an ever-evolving industry landscape, while maintaining high-quality products.

The collaboration between FOHSE Inc. and Terp Mansion isn’t just about lighting up grow spaces; it’s about illuminating solutions, solving problems, and paving the way for a brighter future in cannabis cultivation.

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