Get Ready for the Big Game with Calvin Johnson Jr. aka Megatron & Rob Sims

Get Ready for the Big Game with Calvin Johnson Jr. aka Megatron & Rob Sims

Primitiv Group co-founders Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims join the FOHSE Podcast – Welcome to The Future to Talk about Cannabis & Football  

Las Vegas, Nev. 10 February, 2023 – Football’s biggest weekend of the year is here, and there is no better way to prepare for Sunday than to listen to former NFL standouts and Detroit Lions teammates, 2021 Pro Football Hall of Famer, Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims, talk about football, cannabis, and how they have built their own cannabis brand, Primitiv, on the FOHSE podcast, Welcome to The Future! Their discussions also delve into the integration of CBD products in wellness and the significance of advanced LED lighting in cannabis cultivation.

In 2022, FOHSE and Primitiv teamed up to revolutionize cannabis cultivation with cutting-edge LED lighting. Discover the impact on Primitiv’s journey to becoming a distinguished cannabis brand by optimizing production with LED lighting technology. Dive into the exclusive episode at FOHSE’s Las Vegas HQ, exploring how this partnership is shaping the future of efficient cultivation and the delivery of high-quality CBD products. Explore the future of cannabis and LED lighting innovations with us at FOHSE’s. Join the revolution today!

Calvin Johnson Jr., and Rob Sims first became teammates as members of the Detroit Lions. They joined forces again when they founded Primitiv in 2021. The company is dedicated to the advancement of cannabis as a form of elevated wellness, including a focus on CBD products, and it’s their mission to change negative stigmas associated with the plant into curiosity through education and innovation. Both Johnson and Sims suffered from the long-term effects of the physical and mental punishment sustained during their playing careers. As they explored ways to achieve a higher state of healing, Johnson and Sims discovered that the cannabis plant, particularly through the use of CBD products, holds incredible potential as a healing agent. The group’s latest venture, Primitiv Performance, launched earlier this month and features a line of products infused with nano-CBD that speeds up the effects of the product while making it more bioavailable, showcasing the innovative intersection of cannabis, CBD, and sports wellness.

On the episode, you can hear Johnson Jr. talk about his own experiences with pain: “It’s no fun dealing with pain. When you have chronic issues that you have to deal with, it limits you. It’s like banging your head against a wall to try and make it work. You know, functionally, you can’t work when you are swollen all the time.”

Sims shares how cannabis, particularly CBD products, drives his passion and affects his personal life: “We try to create and build things around the idea that we want the next 30 years to be as good as the last 30. I want what will make me a great husband for my wife and a great father for my kids. I think cannabis, with a focus on high-quality CBD products, is a big piece of that and what will help take it to the next level. That’s where a lot of our passion comes from; we want to have the best quality of life.”

About FOHSE:                                                                                      

FOHSE, the Future of Horticultural Science & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights, creates lighting fixtures that enable previously unobtainable and unthinkable results in the cultivation of cannabis and CBD products. FOHSE’s sustainable and innovative first-of-their-kind products create a loyal customer base among growers, cannabis brands, and enthusiasts of LED lighting technology around the world. FOHSE was founded in 2015 and has sold multiple tens of thousands of lights to growers and cannabis brands around the world—including those specializing in CBD products—without a single customer taking the company up on its promise of refund if their yields did not increase.

FOHSE has its own podcast series: Welcome to the Future that gives cannabis connoisseurs, CBD enthusiasts, and listeners alike an inside look at the ever-evolving world of LED lighting, cannabis, CBD products, and the imminent change that lies ahead for science and engineering. From horticulture secrets and product knowledge to celebrity guests, culture news, and the impact of LED lighting on the cannabis and CBD industries.




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