What is Welcome To The Future?

What is Welcome To The Future?

The podcast series Welcome To The Future gives cannabis connoisseurs and listeners a weekly dose of the ever-evolving world of LED lighting, cannabis, and the imminent change for science and engineering. From horticulture secrets and cultivation knowledge to celebrity guests, and giveaways. Welcome to the Future is be a podcast where listeners can grow one, roll one, and enjoy.

About Fohse:

Fohse, The Future of Horticultural Science & Engineering, is the leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights designed for cannabis cultivation. Fohse’s sole focus and abiding passion are to create lighting solutions and fixtures that enable previously unobtainable and unthinkable results, increasing productivity from 30-60%. Our unwavering commitment to advancing technology and finding more efficient and sustainable solutions has made us a game-changer for thousands of commercial and home growers. At Fohse, we prize the ability to look beyond convention, and we are looking toward the light that leads us.

Established in 2015, Fohse—the Future of Horticultural Science & Engineering—has changed the cannabis industry as we know it by designing innovative and sustainable LED grow lights. Inside a garage in Las Vegas, NV, three friends created the revolutionary first-of-its-kind design, the flagship A3i. This pinnacle 1500-watt fixture has been sold tens of thousands of times to commercial and home growers around the globe. The success of the A3i launched Fohse as the top manufacturer of high-performance LED lights. Today, Fohse offers many light designs for various growing environments and needs. Fohse Lights and their unmatched hands-on, personalized service level have helped major growers increase their dry yield harvest by 65% and reduce energy use by 16%. Fohse is continuously expanding quality and efficiency to the marketplace, enabling unthinkable results.

Enjoy weekly uploads of Welcome To The Future,  every Friday, live on www.Fohse.com at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT.