Fohse Future of Horticulture Partnering With Performer Jim Belushi

Fohse Future of Horticulture Partnering With Performer Jim Belushi

Leading LED Grow Light Manufacturer Fohse Revenue Grows By 510 Percent In 2021

In 2015, two motocross aficionados and a medical laser engineer set out to do what no one had been able to do before: build an LED grow light that would match—and surpass—the capabilities of any lighting system ever seen in the cannabis world.

Fohse spent the first 2 years in business doing R&D to create their innovative, high-performance LED grow lights. The newly founded company invested large amounts of money in a belief that they could create something that would move the needle forward for cultivators throughout the entire industry.

Today, Fohse – stemming from the Greek word phos meaning ‘light’ – has sold multiple tens of thousands of lights to growers, MSO’s and cannabis brands around the world—without a single customer taking the company up on its promise of refund if their yields did not increase. In fact most have seen yields increase from 25% – 60%.

Since going to market, Fohse has experienced enormous growth. From 2018-2019 Fohse experienced a 350% increase in revenue, and for the years 2019-2020 a 447% increase and Fohse is on target to end 2021 with a 510% revenue increase.  This growth is a reflection of the intense R&D along with the unique philosophy that changing LED output configurations per grow benefits each buyer. Fohse has innovated lighting with LED intensity which focuses on capturing and redirecting light to a target destination to consistently produce the highest quality yields.

Brett Stevens Fohse CEO and Co-Founder says: “The past few years have been a wild ride for all of us at Fohse. We are so grateful for our loyal customers who utilize our lights and are continuing to see their yields go up. We are finishing 2021 on a high note but we are not done – we will be going to market with new innovation in 2022!”

Furthermore, Fohse is establishing unique, exciting partnerships,  including one with Belushi’s Farm founder and performer Jim Belushi.

Belushi’s Farm in Rogue Valley has been fitted with Fohse lights  for  its new greenhouse and indoor growing spaces.

James Bradley, Fohse CMO and Co-Founder adds: “We are very happy with our new partnerships. They are trusting Fohse lights to deliver increases in their crop while pioneering energy efficiency and we are very excited about it”.

For more information on Fohse visit or stop by the brightest booth at MJBizCon from 19-22 October, booth #C5439 and see the light for yourself!

About Fohse:                                                                                   
Fohsethe Future of Horticultural Science & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights, creates lighting fixtures that enable previously unobtainable and unthinkable results. Fohse’s sustainable and innovative first-of-their-kind products create a loyal customer base around the world.