Fohse Joins “Growing Belushi” with Jim Belushi on Discovery

Fohse Joins “Growing Belushi” with Jim Belushi on Discovery

Leading LED Grow Light Manufacturer Fohse Joins Jim Belushi In His Quest from Hobby Cannabis Grower to Multi-State Business Operator

LAS VEGASJan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On 19 January 2022, “Growing Belushi” with Jim Belushi returned on Discovery with season 2 of the popular show. Fohse will be teaming up with Jim to equip his farm with state-of-the-art LED fixtures to increase Jim’s cannabis production.

In season 2, viewers will witness Jim Belushi’s evolution from hobby boutique cultivator to multi-state business operator. In an effort to meet increasing national demand, Jim and his team are bringing state of the art technology, cultivation methods, new equipment and new facilities to Belushi’s Farm – and the results are promising.

In order to reach his goals, Jim teams up with Fohse – the leading manufacturer of LED grow lights. On the show viewers will experience how Belushi’s Farm in Southern Oregon is being fitted with Fohse light fixtures for its new greenhouse and indoor growing spaces. Fohse has outfitted Belushi’s Farm with two of their state-of-the-art fixture models. The F1V is accelerating vegetative growth before plants are transferred to the greenhouse.  The O6i with Light Harvesting technology is providing both primary and supplemental light energy for Belushi’s Farm’s premium cannabis strains.

Having this amazing technology installed was a great experience for Jim, who said: “I saw the light, I saw the light, no more darkness, only light. Thirty percent more penetration means 30% more yields. The shocker was that these lights not only increased our yields, but they increased our THC levels and terpene values, and I’m all about the terpenes. These lights have made us extremely competitive in our market. We’re on the cutting edge of environmental greenhouse technology for our cannabis with Fohse. Now, I see the light!”

Brett Stevens, CEO of Fohse, adds: “We loved being a part of taking Jim’s farm to the next level. Fohse LED grow lights are the best on the market and we have the best team of lighting experts to help our customers so we can ensure that they achieve their harvest goals. Scaling up can be challenging but with the right technology it is definitely doable and we are super excited for Jim’s first harvest with Fohse lights!”

Fohse was founded in 2015 and has sold multiple tens of thousands of lights to growers, MSO’s and cannabis brands around the world—without a single customer taking the company up on its promise of refund if their yields did not increase. In fact, most have seen yields increase from 25% – 60%.

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