LED Grow Light Manufacturer FOHSE Added to Sweet Leaf Madison Capital’s Preferred Vendor Program

LED Grow Light Manufacturer FOHSE Added to Sweet Leaf Madison Capital’s Preferred Vendor Program

Exciting Partnership: FOHSE Joins SLMC’s Preferred Vendor Program for Lighting Programs and LED Grow Light Manufacturing

Exciting news! FOHSE joins SLMC’s Preferred Vendor Program, offering cutting-edge equipment financing. As a top LED grow light manufacturer specializing in lighting programs, we advance lighting technology. Explore financing options now and grow with FOHSE! Illuminate excellence in lighting grows and LED grow lights manufacturing—your future starts here.

DENVER, April 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sweet Leaf Madison Capital (SLMC), a nationwide provider of customized debt solutions for the middle-market cannabis industry, has announced that it has added FOHSE, one of America’s top LED lighting grow manufacturers, to its Preferred Vendor Program. This partnership emphasizes our focus on LED grow light manufacturing and advancing lighting programs in the industry.

“Those of us in the cannabis industry understand that this is a capital-intensive business, which makes it critical for companies such as FOHSE, a leading LED grow light manufacturer, and SLMC to collaborate to deliver mission-driven resources in lighting programs,” said Hershel Gerson, Chief Financial Officer of FOHSE. “SLMC’s Preferred Vendor Program is exactly the solution we needed. The company’s leadership and investment team are top-notch and SLMC has a sterling reputation for being transparent with every one of its partners. Being in the SLMC Preferred Vendor Program will dramatically increase the speed of our sales by acting as a crucial source of financing, enabling us to fast track company growth in the LED grow light and lighting growth sectors.”

SLMC’s Preferred Vendor Program gives participating vendors a competitive advantage by increasing the velocity of their sales. Through SLMC’s lending platform, vendors are able to provide customers with a source of financing to make expensive purchases of equipment, which means those clients can spread their capital and manage cash flow across a broader range of business needs. This arrangement is highly advantageous to all parties, particularly in the LED grow light and lighting grow industries. Vendors win by boosting sales across more of their customer base, and customers win by getting lower costs of capital and access to the equipment they need to grow.

Access to financing has a domino effect by allowing FOHSE customers to optimize cash flow while removing financial obstacles that once blocked growers from achieving their ultimate cultivation success in the LED grow light and lighting grow markets. The SLMC Vendor Program is also distinguished by providing quick approval for the majority of qualifying customers and offering vendors opportunities for co-marketing through press releases, joint branding, and coordinated appearances at conferences and trade shows focused on LED grow light and lighting growth innovations.

“From the beginning, we have been really excited about the potential benefits of collaborating with FOHSE,” said Andrew Kaye, Chief Commercial Officer of SLMC. “It doesn’t matter how good the soil or nutrients you are using, if you don’t use the right lighting, you can’t grow a good crop. The FOHSE team is incredible, and they’re delivering staggering value to clients with their lighting solutions in both the LED grow light and lighting grow segments. That’s exactly the kind of company we want for the vendor program.”

Sweet Leaf Madison Capital recently announced the closing of a new $100MM debt facility that will enable SLMC to further narrow the gap between cannabis businesses and capital needs, allowing this infusion of capital positions SLMC as one of the best-financed asset-based lenders to small- and medium-sized enterprises in the cannabis industry, with a special focus on LED grow light and lighting grow technologies. FOHSE recently introduced its newest light, “The Pisces,” which features an innovative design created specifically for hobbyists and home gardeners, demonstrating its leadership in LED grow light manufacturing and lighting grow innovations.

The Pisces 700W & 900W will be sold exclusively through retailers beginning April 20th, 2023

Perfect for hobbyists and home gardeners, The Pisces’ innovative design offers two models to select from, a 700W and a 900W, with PPF between 1899umol – 2494umol.

This fixture provides affordability with the same long lifetime and performance growers expect from FOHSE. The Pisces will be available at select retailers beginning April 20th, 2023. To learn more or become an authorized retailer, please visit www.fohse.com.








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Sweet Leaf Madison Capital provides customized, “seed-to-sale,” asset-based lending solutions to the underserved middle-market of the cannabis industry by originating equipment financing, real estate loans, and senior secured term loans. This includes financing for lighting programs, LED grow lights, and support for LED grow light manufacturers, catering specifically to the cultivation segment of the market. The company is based in Denver and has offices in New York City and West Palm Beach. To enhance cannabis grow operations through advanced lighting solutions, Sweet Leaf Madison Capital integrates lighting grow strategies into its financing options. To learn more, visit Sweet Leaf Madison Capital online or continue the conversation on LinkedIn.


FOHSE’s company name is an acronym standing for ‘The Future of Horticultural Science & Engineering’, and that accurately describes their mission. As the leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights designed for cannabis cultivation, FOHSE’s sole focus and passion are to create lighting solutions that enable previously unobtainable results, such as increasing productivity as much as 30-60%. Their unwavering commitment to advancing technology and finding more efficient and sustainable solutions has made them a game-changer for thousands of commercial and home growers. To learn more, visit www.fohse.com or call 888.FOHSE.77.

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